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Private Lending

High Return Mortgages Secured by Real Estate

What is Private Lending?

Alternative Financing

Private lending is a form of alternative financing where individuals or businesses lend money to other individuals or businesses, usually secured by real estate or other assets. Private lending can offer many benefits to both lenders and borrowers, such as higher returns, lower interest rates, faster approvals, flexible terms, and more control over the lending process.

Legal Services

The Legal Side

Cumbo Law will represent you as the lender in these investments.  There is a lot of legal work involved in securing your investments and Cumbo Law has the experience to make sure it is done right.

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Free Information Session

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Making the Connections

Connections and Network

Cumbo Law works with a number of mortgage brokers and agents and through this network has access to many investment opportunities.  Cumbo Law does not act as broker in any of these transactions, but rather a bridge to introduce you to the right people and the right products for you.

You Don't Pay

Borrower Pays Your Fees

One of the best things about private lending is the low cost and potential for high rates of returns.  Generally, the borrower absorbs all the lenders cost in making the investment, including the legal fees. 


The rate of return on your investment can range from anywhere from 8 to 20% or more.  At this time, a typical second mortgage being completed by Cumbo  Law is bringing an effective annual rate of return of 15 to 18% with the majority being 17%.

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